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Ten random things: September 26

Ten performances by Monica Potter:

  1. Kate Durrell (A Cool, Dry Place)
  2. Martha (Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence)
  3. Biker's woman (Bulletproof)
  4. Lori Colson (Boston Legal)
  5. Jezzie Flannigan (Along Came a Spider)
  6. Tricia Poe (Con Air)
  7. Lilli (Heaven or Vegas)
  8. Amanda Pierce (Head Over Heels)
  9. Corinne Fisher (Patch Adams)
  10. Muriel Wynn (Scott Turow's Reversible Errors)

You know, I really did have every intention of watching the debate tonight, even had the TiVo set to record it and everything. But then I got watching Con Air on TNT and when the receiver told me it was time to change the channel, I decided I'd rather keep watching the movie. I did follow the debates during commercials via liveblogs by Kevin Drum, Hilzoy, and Josh Marshall. All in all, I'm not unhappy with the decision.


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