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Ten random things: September 30

Ten imprisoned writers:

  1. Yusif Ruzimuradov, Uzbekistan: A journalist sentenced to eight years in prison for his alleged involvement in the Uzbek opposition movement.
  2. Tohti Tunyaz, Uighur Autonomous Region: Ethnic Uighur historian and writer condemned to 11 years in prison with an additional two years' deprivation of political rights for researching his people's history.
  3. Muhammad Bekjanov, Uzbekistan: A journalist sentenced to 15 years in prison for his alleged involvement in the Uzbek opposition movement.
  4. Dr. José Luis García Paneque, Cuba: An independent journalist, librarian, and medical doctor who was arrested in 2003 as part of a crackdown throughout Cuba on independent presses and alleged dissidents.
  5. Shi Tao, China: Journalist and poet arrested for posting meeting notes about China's treatment of the 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Shi is serving a 10-year prison sentence.
  6. Normando Hernández González, Cuba: A journalist sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment under Article 91 of the Cuban Criminal Code for reporting on the conditions of state-run services in Cuba and criticizing government management of tourism, agriculture, fishing, and cultural affairs.
  7. Mamadali Mahmudov, Uzbekistan: A writer sentenced to 14 years in prison for his alleged involvement in the Uzbek opposition movement.
  8. Kareem Amer, Egypt: A blogger and a former al-Azhyar University student sentenced to four years in prison in 2007 on charges of "disparaging Islam" and "defaming the Egyptian president" in online articles.
  9. Zeya Aung, Myanmar: A poet who was arrested near the Thai-Burmese border town of Myawaddy and charged with "associating with outlawed organizations" and "illegally crossing an international boundary."
  10. Dolma Kyab, Tibet Autonomous Region: A writer and middle-school teacher arrested in Lhasa and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment for "endangering state security."

I more or less stole this list from the PEN American Center's master list of writers in peril, which was brought to my attention by John Scalzi, who brought it up in the course of a discussion of why he chooses to write about politics. As he said, "These writers chose to speak about their world, despite the certain risk, and were punished for it by prison terms or worse — and I’m supposed to hold my tongue because someone might not buy my book? Give me a fucking break. I couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t dare."

And on case you were wondering, the Uighur Autonomous Region is in the northwestern corner of the People's Republic of China. As usual, Wikipedia comes to the rescue.


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