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Creative endeavors

Over the past few weeks, I've totally revamped my LiveJournal page. Take a look! It may look a little funny if your screen resolution is higher than 1024x768, but you have to realize two things. First, the background photo is 68K as it is. Using a bigger version of the photo would be painful for anyone using dialup, such as me. Second, my resolution is 1024x768, and I don't care for the way the photo gets cropped when I use the bigger version. So in short, I did it the way I did because it suits my particular circumstance. And as Matt Groening once wrong, if you don't like it, you can lump it.

The photo used for the background was taken at Palisades-Kepler State Park outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in October 2002. Want to see the whole photo instead just the edges? Your wish is my command.

Oh, and I made this icon. I'm not sure why. Anyone wants it, it's yours.

Cordy and the Beast

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