John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Poet's Corner: In the Scheme of Things

In The Scheme of Things

Within all I see and in each new spring
We are all of one soul in the scheme of things
And you can have your share, but you can't cut the strings
For we're all hooked up in the scheme of things

Through space and time in visions of destiny
Who finds out what is only what's meant to be

Though the world seems mad from terrorists down to kings
Who knows who'll laugh last at the scheme of things
And when I think of you, and the love you bring
There's a sacred trust in the scheme of things

Complacent neighbors cry out what's wrong with you?
I shoot right back I'm here what else can I do?

And while the clergy sins as the sinners sing
Well someday they'll meet in the scheme of things
And when soldiers follow out orders diligently
They are all confined by the scheme of things

And while the buildings burn I hear distant bells ring
And I pray to them and the scheme of things

Richard X. Heyman (born 1951)

Bonus multimedia content! Richard X. Heyman - In the Scheme of Things (MP3, 2.9Mb)
Tags: poet's corner

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