John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Poet's Corner: Untitled

As the rescue crews
were approaching the
crash site, eagles were
sighted soaring above...

The eagles circle
In a ceremony
To guide their kind friends home.
Though our time here is brief,
An ancient truth circles with the eagles:
That spirits never die.

They stay alive
In love, in hope,
In eagles' wings touching the sky,
In people extending hands to one another
To circle like an eagle
And bring everyone home.

LeAnn Littlewolf

Today is the sixth anniversary of a very bad day: October 25, 2002, when a small plane carrying Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife and daughter, and three of his campaign staffers, crashed in Saint Louis County, Minnesota. This poem can be found at the entrance to the Paul Wellstone Memorial and Historic Site, located near Eveleth, Minn.

Tags: poet's corner

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