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Ten random things: October 30

Ten colleges against which the Cornell College football team has a winning series record :

  1. Alma College (3-0-0)
  2. Grinnell College (50-34-4)
  3. Ripon College (31-25-2)
  4. William Penn College (5-3-0)
  5. Northwestern College of Minnesota (3-0-0)
  6. Illinois College (15-0-0)
  7. Parsons College (3-1-0)
  8. Beloit College (32-18-2)
  9. Knox College (51-20-3)
  10. Lenox College (2-1-0)

Lenox and Parsons were so humiliated by their poor showing against the mighty Rams that they were forced to close their doors permanently out of shame. At least, I assume that's the reason they are no longer around. Four teams of note (to my family, at least) against which Cornell does not have a winning record: Bradley University (0-4-2), Carroll College University of Wisconsin (2-2-0), University of Chicago (2-4-0), and Western Illinois University (2-2-0).


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