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Two quick follow-ups to recent posts:

  • brooding_soul finds the Nunavut flag comical, but I think it's pretty awesome. If you're curious about what it is and how it came to be, the Gouverneur General of Canada explains it all. This vexillographer's perspective is interesting too, if only for this one sentence (emphasis added):
    "The first, and by far most troublesome, of these shortcomings [in the flag design process] is that -- for a contest so unique, so important, and so eagerly followed by the vexillopolis, the international community of flag enthusiasts -- no advice and comment from experienced vexillologists or vexillographers was solicited before finalizing the design for the Nunavut flag."
    Ah yes, if only they'd consulted the flag nerds. This is further proof of my theory that all fans who post on the Internet, regardless the subject of their obsession, are prone to the same misplaced sense of entitlement. And yes, that includes me.
  • Speaking of crazy obsessions, if contemplating the possible ramifications of the 25th Amendment on the line of Presidential succession is your cup of tea, may I recommend the book Shelley's Heart by Charles McCarry? Actually, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys political novels, regardless how interested you are in Presidential succession.

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