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Ten random things: November 25

Ten people pardoned by President George W. Bush on November 24, 2008:

  1. Obie Gene Helton of Rossville, Ga., convicted of unauthorized acquisition of food stamps.
  2. Geneva Yvonne Hogg of Jacksonville, Fla., convicted of bank embezzlement.
  3. Daniel Figh Pue III of Conroe, Texas, convicted of illegal treatment, storage and disposal of a hazardous waste without a permit.
  4. Milton Kirk Cordes of Rapid City, S.D., convicted of conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act, which prohibits importation into the country of wildlife taken in violation of conservation laws.
  5. Richard Micheal Culpepper of Mahomet, Ill., convicted of making false statements to the federal government.
  6. Robert Earl Mohon Jr. of Grant, Ala., convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.
  7. Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer of Fort Worth, Texas, convicted of concealing knowledge of a crime.
  8. Paul Julian McCurdy of Sulphur, Okla., convicted of misapplication of bank funds.
  9. Ronald Alan Mohrhoff of Los Angeles, convicted of unlawful use of a telephone in a narcotics felony.
  10. Leslie Owen Collier of Charleston, Mo., convicted of unauthorized use of a pesticide and violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Collier's story is kind of interesting. He dosed some raw hamburger meat with pesticide in an attempt to do away with some coyotes on the property he was farming; he was successful, but in addition to the seven coyotes he also ended up killing a red-tailed hawk, a great horned owl, an opossum, a raccoon, and, most unfortunately from a legal standpoint, three bald eagles, which are protected by Federal law.

Also: "Unlawful use of a telephone in a narcotics felony?" Í would call that an example of what Michael Kinsley calls "wacky specificity."


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