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Ten random things: November 26

Ten other members of Philander Knox's extended family:

  1. Fornicate Knox (twin brother)
  2. Onan Jones (father-in-law)
  3. Copulate Knox (younger brother)
  4. Swive Owens (first cousin)
  5. Ejaculate Knox (nephew)
  6. Hump Knox (uncle)
  7. Sodomize Knox (second cousin once removed)
  8. Fellate Williams (maternal grandfather)
  9. Shtup Knox (half-brother)
  10. Fuck Ewing (brother-in-law on his wife's side)

No doubt you remember the name Philander Knox from yesterday; in addition to serving as a Senator from Pennsylvania and William Taft's Secretary of State, but also William McKinley's Attorney General. And if this list doesn't make any sense to you, I recommend looking up the word "philander" in the dictionary.


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