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Advent 2008: All I Want for Christmas Is You

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Love Actually. (Though arguably it's not really a Christmas movie, just a movie that happens to take place at Christmas.) I find it almost compulsively watchable, and it has a great commentary track featuring director and screenwriter Richard Curtis and actors Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, and Thomas Sangster. I've already featured one song from that movie -- "All Alone on Christmas" by Darlene Love, back on December 2 -- and here's another, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Olivia Olsen. Remarkably, Olsen was only 10 when she recorded this. Her performance was so good that the director felt compelled to edit it post-production to make it sound more like a child singing. Backing vocals are provided by the British soul singer Ruby Turner, who scored a number one hit on the Billboard R&B chart in 1990 with "It's Gonna Be Alright."

Olivia Olsen - All I Want For Christmas Is You (MP3, 3.2 MB)

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