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Daytime Emmys

I've barely had time to focus on all the movie awards, and on top of that I've got the Daytime Emmys to contend with. This year, the Television Academy will hand out Emmys in fifty-nine categories. Fifty-nine! In practical terms there are only fifty-three, because I don't care about the soap opera acting categories, but that's still a lot. (If you care about the soap opera acting categories, go take a look at what kariyaki had to say about them.)

The main problem with the Daytime Emmys this year is that unlike last year, none of my friends are nominated. For that, I blame Discovery Communications Inc. Damn you, DCI! Nevertheless, I did find a couple of things that interested me as I read over the list of nominees:

  • Kim Possible is nominated as Outstanding Special Class Animated Program. There are two animated series categories -- the other is Outstanding Children's Animated Program -- but it's unclear from the nominees what the difference is. The Children's Animated Program nominees appeal to a narrower age range than Kim Possible or Teacher's Pet (another Special Class Animated Program nominee), but competing against those two is Rolie Polie Olie, which is definitely geared toward pre-schoolers.

  • Speaking of Kim Possible, the official name of that series would appear to be Disney's Kim Possible. Likewise, Teacher's Pet is cited as Disney's Teacher's Pet. How vain!

  • One last Kim Possible item: credit for the series is given to ABC, even though it airs on both ABC and the Disney Channel. Go figure.

  • Two of the nominees for Outstanding Directing in a Children's Special are better known as actors: Danny Glover, nominated for Just A Dream; and Gregory Hines, for The Red Sneakers. And the third nominee, Guy Ferland, just won the Director's Guild Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children's Programming. (Glover and Hines were not nominated for the DGA award.)

  • Static Shock was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition. I mention this only because I like Static Shock and I'm pleased to see it nominated for anything. It's an animated action show based on a very enjoyable 1990s comic book.

  • In Outstanding Original Song, two of the nominees were written for the ABC sudser Port Charles, and each lists four songwriters. I'm a little dubious that any song written by four people can be that good. With movies, the more people you have working on the script, the worse the movie is (notable exception: Toy Story), and I think the same is probably true of songs.

  • Shia LaBeouf is nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series. I wonder if he's related to the actress who played the oldest Huxtable daughter on The Cosby Show? (ETA: No. For one thing, their last names are different.)

  • Obligatory Buffy connection: John Ritter, who played Ted in the episode of the same name, was nominated for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Series. (He plays the voice of Clifford in Clifford the Big Red Dog.)

  • Also nominated in the Outstanding Performer in an Animated Series: Mindy Cohn, for her performance as Velma in What's New Scooby-Doo? Glad to see The Facts of Life girls are still getting work.

  • Tom Bergeron was nominated for Outstanding Games Show Host. I like Tom Bergeron. I think his talents are wasted as a game show host. On the other hand, they're less wasted on Hollywood Squares than they are on America's Funniest Home Videos, so there you go.

  • One of the Outstanding Children's Special nominees, Table Talk: Talking Beyond 9/11, aired on WAM! Why have I never heard of this network? (ETA: two possible answers are that it's a subsidiary of Starz!, which I don't subscribe to, and it's not offered by my cable service.)

  • Two of the five nominees for Outstanding Service Show are This Old House and Ask This Old House. The producers (Russell Morash and Bruce Irving) are the same for both, putting them in the unusual position of competing against themselves for the same award. My question: if there's a tie in this category, would they each get two Emmys?

  • Morash is nominated in Outstanding Special Class Special for yet another This Old House spin-off, Behind the Scenes at This Old House. Who knew the This Old House brand was so extensible?

  • There are ten daytime soap operas currently in production. Seven of them were nominated for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team. (The unlucky three: Days of Our Lives, One Life To Live, and Port Charles.) And some people thought it was bad when five of the seventeen eligible films received nominations for the Best Animated Feature Oscar.

  • Interestingly, Port Charles was nominated as Outstanding Drama Series without being nominated for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team. How did that happen?
The awards will be announced on Friday, May 16 on ABC. I probably won't watch, since the majority of the televised awards are the awards I couldn't care less about.

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