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Advent 2008: Good King Wenceslas

What do casket makers, sufferers of headaches, masons, and residents of Owensboro, Kentucky, have in common? They are all patrons of St. Stephen, "a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit" who was tried for preaching the Gospel and stoned to death. His feast day is December 26, and is celebrated as a public holiday in more than a dozen countries. Here in the U.S., which is not one of those dozen-plus countries, St. Stephen may be best known as the saint on whose feast day Good King Wenceslas looked out and observed a poor man gath'ring winter fuel in the deep, crisp, and even snow. As I look out on the Feast of Stephen, I see no snow, deep, crisp, even, or otherwise. Call me a supporter of the Snow Miser, but I believe Christmases should be white. This drum-and-bugle-corps rendition of "Good King Wenceslas" will at least remind me of snowier times in days of yore

Christmas Brass - Good King Wenceslas (MP3, 1.7MB)

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