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Advent 2008: Valley Winter Song

It was back in 1996 that I first heard of Fountains of Wayne, when WHFS, the local alterna-rock station, put "Radiation Vibe" into heavy rotation. So you can imagine my surprise when, seven years and two albums later, they were nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy. They lost, which was unjust because they were by a wide margin the best of that year's nominees, but on the other hand they shouldn't have been nominated in the first place because they weren't a new band. This doesn't have much to do with today's song, it just bugs me.

Anyway, today's song is from the album that the Recording Academy judged to be "the first recording which establishes the public identity of" Fountains of Wayne. "Valley Winter Song" is, the title notwithstanding, not a particularly wintry song. But it was used in L.L. Bean's 2008 holiday ads, and it's a lovely little tune, either of which would have been justification enough to include it as part of this project.

Fountains of Wayne - Valley Winter Song (MP3, 4.9MB)

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