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I took part in a Television Without Pity Buffy Meet Market Secret Santa gift exchange this Christmas. As you might expect, the gifts were supposed to be related to Buffy in some way, and we were strictly limited on how much we could spend. My gift recipient was neighbors; I gave her a snow globe with a Buffy cast photo on one side and a picture of her and her son on the other, and a Peanuts greeting card with the same cast photo and the message, "Wishing you peace, joy, and the Snoopy Dance! From the Scoobies and your Secret Santa." (For those of you who didn't watch Buffy, or who did and weren't obsessive about it, we learned in the episode "Passion" that Willow and Xander watch A Charlie Brown Christmas together every year, and that Xander always performs the Snoopy Dance. We got to see Xander do the dance in the episode "The Replacement.")

My Secret Santa turned out to be boliver, who sent a fabulously creative set of gifts. And here they are! First up, this letter from Maggie Walsh, Professor of Psychology at University of California-Sunnydale to the students in her Introduction to Psychology class:

Walsh letter to Summers
(click to see a larger, more legible image)

Then, Buffy's handwritten responses to those questions, commented on by Prof. Walsh in her own hand.

Summers essay questions to Walsh
(click to see a larger, more legible image)

Those two items alone would have been plenty cool, but she also included a set of four items representing the answers Buffy gave to Walsh's questions. The relevant sections from the essays are quoted below the photos:

"At first, I checked the mailbox every day for his letters..."

"Except when I have to light a candle in there when my friend X comes over hahahahaha!!!!"

Hand wash
"You know what? I wash my hands of him!"

"... with monsters (metaphorical!!!) with the punching ..."

That last thing is a pen, by the way, one that punches! Also, the barrel lights up when you write with it. The photo really can't do it justice, so check out this video:

Thanks, boliver!

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