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Movies 2008

Here are the movies I saw in the theater in 2008, in the approximate order in which I saw them:

  1. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
  2. Atonement
  3. Juno
  4. There Will Be Blood
  5. Definitely, Maybe
  6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  7. Baby Mama
  8. Iron Man
  9. Made of Honor
  10. Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Crystal Skull
  11. Get Smart
  12. WALL-E
  13. The Dark Knight
  14. Pineapple Express
  15. Tropic Thunder
  16. The House Bunny
  17. Hamlet 2
  18. Burn After Reading
  19. Ghost Town
  20. Marley & Me
  21. Slumdog Millionaire

Not all of these were great movies, but there was only one that I thought was pretty much completely without merit: Made of Honor. Stupid title, trite plot, reprehensible lead character, mostly indifferent acting.


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