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I've got blisters on me fingers toes!

Saturday morning dawned sunny and mild, but I was not in a position to enjoy it. I had a chorus rehearsal first thing in the morning, and afterwards I had to spend a couple of hours at home in the early afternoon waiting for the exterminator. But as soon as I was able I hopped in my car, rolled down the window, and drove up to Point of Rocks, Maryland, to take a walk on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal towpath.

It was a gorgeous day for a walk, but the trail was largely deserted. I saw someone down by the river fishing, and I could see someone about a quarter of a mile in front of me. Eventually, the person in front of me stopped, took out a pair of binoculars, and started studying the trees above him intently. When I caught up with him, I was surprised to find he was a friend of mine from church. He was in search of an eagle's nest he had spied from the window of the MARC commuter train, which runs parallel to the canal between Point of Rocks and the Monocacy River. The eagle was nowhere to be seen, unfortunately, but he admitted that looking for the nest was as much an excuse to get out of the house as anything else. I can respect that.

After a brief chat with my friend, he turned back to the parking lot and I continued down the trail. I had no destination or distance goal in mind; my plan had always been to walk out until the CD in my portable player ended, then turn around. I expected to cover about 2.5 to three miles, but the CD turned out to be shorter than I expected, and I had gone only 2.3 miles when it ended. I took a break on a convenient log, then returned to my car. Still, 4.6 miles is a respectable distance, I think.

Unfortunately, I developed a blister on my foot right between my third and fourth toes. That a particularly uncomfortable place for a blister, not to mention one that's difficult to bandage. But I think it was worth it. March days like yesterday are a rare treat, and a blister is a small price to pay for such a nice afternoon.

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