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Ten random things: January 22

Ten friends and relatives of Chris Farley who were interviewed for The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts:

  1. Kevin Farley (younger brother)
  2. Joel Murray (cast member, Second City)
  3. Tim Meadows (cast member, Second City and Saturday Night Live)
  4. Charna Halpern (director/teacher, ImprovOlympic)
  5. John Goodman, (host, Saturday Night Live)
  6. Mike Shoemaker (producer, Saturday Night Live)
  7. Lorri Bagley (girlfriend)
  8. Ted Dondaville (friend, Red Arrow Camp)
  9. Tim O'Malley, Second City cast member)
  10. Tom Farley (older brother)

I just started The Chris Farley Show this afternoon, a 2008 oral history biography of the late Saturday Night Live star, and it's pretty good so far. I admire oral histories; I think it would be very challenging to weave fragments from dozens of interviews into a coherent narrative.


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