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Ten random things: January 27

Ten actors who played Jesus:

  1. Neil Saavedra (The Jesus Christ Show. radio show)
  2. Blair Underwood (Inspired by...The Bible Experience, audio book)
  3. Tom Fleming (Jesus of Nazareth, BBC miniseries)
  4. John Westbrook (The Man Born to be King, BBC radio drama)
  5. Jeremy Sisto (Jesus, CBS made-for-TV movie)
  6. Andrea Refuto (The Passion of the Christ, 2004 film)
  7. Victor Garber (Godspell, 1973 film)
  8. Miguel Mas (Jesus Christ: The Musical, music video)\
  9. Jeff Fenholt (Jesus Christ Superstar, Broadway musical)
  10. Anson Mount (Corpus Christi, stage play)

Inspired by an episode of Law & Order I saw last night, guest-starring Victor Garber as a murderous CPA. Yeah, it's a spoiler, but for an episode that aired in 1995. So get off my back!


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