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Ten random things: February 10

Ten television shows mentioned in songs:

  1. Dallas (Grandmaster Flash - The Message)
  2. Miami Vice (Was (Not Was) - Walk the Dinosaur)
  3. Meet the Wife (The Beatles - Good Morning, Good Morning)
  4. One Life to Live (Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately?)
  5. Love Connection (Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina)
  6. The Rockford Files (Ben Folds Five - Battle of Who Could Care Less)
  7. The X-Files (Bare Naked Ladies - One Week)
  8. Happy Days (Jackson Browne - Lawyers in Love)
  9. Sesame Street (Billy Joel - Pressure)
  10. Howdy Doody (Chicago - Old Days)

So yesterday morning I was listening to the first song on this list, and it got me thinking. And now, the results of that thinking. The third one is probably not a show most of you have heard of, but take my word for it, it's a real TV show. Amazing what you can pick up during a lifetime of being a Beatles fan.


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