John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Oscars running commentary (cross-posted from Facebook)

John is shocked, SHOCKED, by the Best Picture winner. Except not. 11:53pm
     But pleased! It was my favorite of the three nominees I saw, and nothing I heard about the other two makes me think I'd have lived either one better. 11:55pm

John is a Commie, homo-loving son of a gun, apparently. Many of you probably already suspected as much. 11:45pm

John loves that Welsh accent. 11:41pm

John is glad Kate Winslet has cleared up the question on everyone's mind tonight: is the Oscar statuette a bottle of shampoo? 11:34pm

John wonders if they let the acting award presenters choose which nominee they wanted to introduce. 11:28pm

John admires Danny Boyle for reminding all of us at home that it's not really for our benefit. 11:21pm

John is admiring his girlfriend, Reese Witherspoon. (We're trying to keep it quiet, so don't tell.) 11:19pm

John doesn't think the way they presented the In Memoriam reel played very well on TV. Queen Latifah knocked it outta the park, though. 11:15pm

John liked the other song from Slumdog Millionaire better. 11:02pm
     Also, back on the day the nominations were announced, I predicted the song from WALL-E would win. Burn on me! 11:03pm

John knows Peter Gabriel, and you, sir, are no Peter Gabriel. 10:59pm

John wonders if they've just had A. R. Rahman standing backstage all night. 10:55pm

John likes this orchestral medley. But where are the interpretive dancers? 10:52pm
     Oh, there they are! 10:56pm

John wonders what Jean Hersholt has that Gordon E. Sawyer doesn't. 10:43pm

John believes Will Smith may have set a record for presenting the most Oscars in a single evening. He's doing a good job though, so I'm willing to go along with it. 10:35pm

John proposes a new rule: all winners must balance their Oscars on their chins. 10:18pm

John liked the drum line, but they should have sprung for a full marching band. God knows it would have been an improvement over the Radiohead debacle. 9:58pm

John declares Janusz Kamiński the new comedy sensation of 2009. Also, Seth Green? Did I hear that right? 9:47pm
     Oh, STEPH Green. 9:50pm

John renews his objection to the Academy's practice of awarding Oscar statuettes at the Science and Technical Awards Banquet instead of at the Oscar ceremony proper. 9:41pm

John thinks the people responsible for the seating chart didn't think the movie that won Best Costume Design would win, given how far from the stage the winner was. 9:22pm

John finds it odd that the Animation 2008 yearbook didn't include a clip from the Oscar-nominated animated film Waltz With Bashir. 9:07pm
     To say nothing of the animated shorts... 9:09pm

John wonders why the Academy did not bring out five Oscar-winning screenwriters to make a speech about each of the writing nominees. 8:57pm

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