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Ten random things: April 3

Ten poems:

  1. "Ars Poetica" (Archibald MacLeish)
  2. "Letter from Kathmandu" (John Brandi)
  3. "Variation on the Word Sleep" (Margaret Atwood)
  4. "Lines for Winter" (Mark Strand)
  5. "When You Are Old" (William Butler Yeats)
  6. "Vespers" (Louise Gluck)
  7. "i am a little church" (e. e. cummings)
  8. "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" (William Butler Yeats)
  9. "A monk sips morning tea" (Matsuo Basho)
  10. "The Anactoria Poem" (Sappho)

Over on Facebook, I'm celebrating National Poetry Month by posting a poem every day. I'm not doing it here because I'm using poems that I've already posted here in one of my weekly poetry posts. Lazy! Speaking of lazy, I was going to draw the poems listed here from those I've picked to post on Facebook, but changed my mind so as not to spoil the surprise for my FB friends. (Friend me!) So I selected these with the unwitting assistance of someone with impeccable taste in poetry.


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