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Second milestone reached

I went in this morning for my weigh-in, and learned that I have now reached the second milestone in my weight loss plan: I've lost 32 pounds, which is a little more than ten percent of what I weighed when I started last month. Also, I've lost six inches off my waist. Whee!

So how much do I weigh now? Good question. At weigh-in, I was down to 281 pounds, but I'm pretty sure that number is artificially low. I was weighed immediately after working out for forty minutes, so I was not well hydrated. I had not had anything to eat before going to the gym, but I had, um, done the opposite of that. I was wearing exercise togs, not my normal workday gear. And I think that all those things combined to make me weigh less right then than I would have under normal circumstances.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with it. I can't say my gut looks appreciably smaller -- six inches is a lot, but it's only a reduction of ten percent. But I can get into some pants that I had grown out of, so that proves that the inches are really gone. And my face is noticeably thinner now.

Next milestone: 267.5 pounds. That will be 50 pounds, halfway to my original goal of 100 pounds.

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