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Ten random things: April 16

Ten other things that happened on April 16, 1968:

  1. Governor Tom McCall of Oregon announced his intent to enter a contender in the 1968 Angels Camp International Jumping Frog Jubilee
  2. Workers at Ford Motor Company of Canada plants in Ontario went on strike
  3. Congress authorized $2 million for emergency land purchases within the boundaries of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  4. State University of New York College at Cortland defeated Adelphi University in lacrosse, 8-4
  5. Dr. David Hammerman named Chief of Medicine at Montefiore Hospital in New York
  6. Anna Drittelle, a Russian cellist, gave a recital at Carnegie Hall
  7. Two American planes shot down over North Vietnam
  8. Vickie Guerrero, WWE professional wrestling personality, born
  9. Igor G. Usachev named Soviet ambassador to the Congo
  10. Academy Award-winning actress Fay Bainter died at the age of 74

Shockingly, Fay Bainter's death was not listed among those found in the April 16 article on Wikipedia. Had I not been browsing through the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database, I might never have known. But don't worry, I have rectified the situation. And speaking of birthdays:


I read that strip at Roasted Peanuts (hat tip: Mike Sterling), a new blog that plans to comment on every Peanuts strip ever published. I learned from that blog that lets you embed any Peanuts strip, so here's the strip that appeared on the day I was born:



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