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Oscar picks and predictions

Yay, it's almost Oscar time! I admit that I do not miss the red carpet stuff. It never interested me, and I have always felt that coverage of the red carpet tends to overshadow coverage of the awards themselves. And I'm positively giddy that the Barbara Walters special has been cancelled. I hate her. Rather, I hate what she does. I'm interested in the entertainment industry, and in the people who work in the industry, but only in terms of their work within the industry. I have no particular interest in celebrities qua celebrities.

Anyway, the Oscars start in about fifteen minutes, so I should post my predictions and my picks. If the category is one in which I have no particular preference, I only listed a prediction.

PICTURE: Chicago (prediction), The Pianist (pick)
DIRECTOR: Rob Marshall, Stephen Daldry
ACTOR: Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicolas Cage
ACTRESS: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christopher Walken, Chris Cooper
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Meryl Streep
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Road to Perdition (prediction), Road to Perdition (pick)
ANIMATED FEATURE: Lilo and Stitch (prediction), Lilo and Stitch (pick)
FILM EDITING: Chicago (prediction), The Hours (pick)
DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Prisoner of Paradise (prediction), Bowling for Columbine (pick)
DOCUMENTARY SHORT: The Collector of Bedford Street (prediction)
LIVE ACTION SHORT: Johnny Flynton (prediction)
ANIMATED SHORT: The ChubbChubbs! (prediction)
FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: Nowhere in Africa (prediction)
SOUND EDITING: Minority Report (prediction)
SOUND: Chicago (prediction)
COSTUME DESIGN: Chicago (prediction), Gangs of New York (pick)
ORIGINAL SCORE: Catch Me If You Can (prediction), Catch Me If You Can (pick)
ORIGINAL SONG: "The Hands That Built America" (prediction), "Lose Yourself" (pick)
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (prediction)
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Chicago (prediction), About A Boy (pick)
ART DIRECTION: Chicago (prediction)
VISUAL EFFECTS: Spider-Man (prediction), Spider-Man (pick)
MAKEUP: Frida (prediction)

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