John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Poet's Corner: The Bizarre Alarmadillos

The Bizarrre Alarmadillos

The Bizarre Alarmadillos
Are a clamorous quartet,
For they're in a constant frenzy...
They're incessantly upset.
You'd imagine they'd be calmer.
No one means them any harm,
And besides, they're thickly armored,
Yet they're always in alarm.

When they push thier panic buttons,
Buzzers buzz and beepers beep.
Brass alarms clang ever louder,
It's no wonder they can't sleep.
Then they flail thier tails in terror
As they holler and they whoop---
Yes, those four alarmadillos
Are an odd and noisy group.

Jack Prelutsky (born 1940)

Kudos to my pal Jean for directing me to this fine poem, which certainly among the finest poems ever written about -- or perhaps more accurately in this case, inspired by -- armadillos. What is an alarmadillo, you ask? I refer you to page 6 of the book embedded below for the answer.

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