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Ten random things: May 26

Ten program guide descriptions for movies I have saved on my TiVo for future viewing:

  1. A plump Baltimore teen becomes an overnight celebrity after she wins a spot on a local dance show.
  2. Suitors romance, then abandon, sisters left destitute by their father's death in late-1800s England.
  3. A bored schoolboy drives a toy car into a cartoon land, the Kingdom of Wisdom.
  4. A woman from the city tempts a farmer to kill his wife.
  5. Two hit men have strange and life-changing experiences while hiding out in the medieval city.
  6. Grown siblings with little in common must find a way to work together when their father slides into senility.
  7. Pursuing a lifelong dream, a rancher, who once trained to be an astronaut, builds his own rocket and plans to launch it into space.
  8. A man tries to re-establish family ties by taking his two younger brothers on a train trip across India.
  9. A widower advice-columnist faces a personal and professional challenge when he falls in love with his brother's girlfriend.
  10. The Zodiac Killer terrorizes San Francisco in the 1960s and '70s.

Can you identify these movies from their descriptions?


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