John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: May 28

Ten 'ships I support:

  1. Harry Potter/Susan Bones (Harry Potter fan fiction)
  2. Phillip J. Fry/Turanga Leela (Futurama)
  3. Luke Danes/Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
  4. Harry/Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter fan fiction)
  5. Jim Chee/Bernadette Manuelito (Navajo mysteries by Tony Hillerman)
  6. Ron Weasley/Pansy Parkinson (Harry Potter fan fiction)
  7. Isabel Spellman/Henry Stone (Spellman family novels by Lisa Lutz)
  8. Rachel Green/Joey Tribbiani (Friends)
  9. Xander Harris/Dawn Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction)
  10. Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne (Miller's Kill novels by Julia Spencer-Fleming)

Hey look, it's a list and a meme (ganked from, among others, blixie and swsa) all in one! How efficient of me. I'm dealing with two kinds of 'ships here, those that exist only in fan fiction (nos. 1, 4, 6, and 9) and those that are canonical. Ideally I would have had an equal number from each category, but I'm not widely enough read in fanfic to have developed an interest/taste for many pairings, and besides the truth of the matter is that I really only care about one fic-based 'ship, and that would be, of course, the first one, which I cling to like a zebra mussel. My motto is, "who knows what's going to happen 20 years later?"


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