John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: May 29

Ten pieces of sheet music I had forgotten I owned until I found them in an old briefcase:

  1. Eric Whitacre - hope, faith, life, love
  2. Norman Dello Joio - The Holy Infant's Lullaby
  3. Morten Lauridsen - O Magnum Mysterium
  4. Leo Sowerby - Good King Wenceslas
  5. Richard Dirksen - Welcome All Wonders
  6. John Goss/David Willcocks - See amid the winter's snow
  7. Libby Larsen - The Shepherds All Are Waiting
  8. Edwin Fissinger - Welcome Yule
  9. Margaret Rose/Michael Head - The little road to Bethlehem
  10. John Rutter - Rejoice and be merry

These date from my tenure with the Cathedral Choral Society, a symphonic chorus I performed with from 2001-2004. I loved it, but I felt it was just taking up too much of my time, and I especially hated the driving that was involved getting to and from Washington National Cathedral for rehearsals and performances.

Also found in the same pile of sheet music: a signed photo of Trading Spaces decorator Laurie Smith, which I got at a home and garden show in (I think) 2002. Random!


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