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Ten random things: June 3

Ten people convicted of crimes of violence against abortion providers or clinics:

  1. Benjamin Matthew Williams (firebombed a clinic in California)
  2. Eric Robert Rudolph (bombed clinics in Georgia and Alabama)
  3. Ricky Lee McDonald (set fire to a clinic in New Mexico)
  4. James Kopp (murdered a doctor in New York; suspected of shooting five others)
  5. John Salvi (murdered two and wounded five at a Massachusetts clinic)
  6. Jennifer Sperle (set fire to a clinic in Virginia)
  7. James Anthony Mitchell (set fire to a clinic in Virginia)
  8. Rachelle Shannon (shot and wounded a doctor in Kansas)
  9. Don Benny Anderson (set fire to clinics in Florida and Virginia; kidnapped a doctor and his wife in Illinois)
  10. Paul J. Hill (murdered a doctor and his bodyguard in Florida)

Inspired, of course, by the assassination this weekend of Dr. George Tiller (who was also the victim of no. 8 above) at his church (!) in Wichita, Kansas. Sources: National Abortion Federation: Clinic Violence and Ms. Magazine Feminist Daily Wire.


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