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Ten random things: June 5

Ten finalists on The Next Food Network Star:

  1. Carissa Seward (Season 2)
  2. Harmony Marceau (Season 1)
  3. Shane Lyons (Season 4)
  4. Michael Proietti (Season 5)
  5. Michael Salmon (Season 3)
  6. Dan Smith & Steve McDonagh (Season 1)
  7. Joshua Adam "Jag" Garcia (Season 3)
  8. Jen Isham (Season 5)
  9. Cory Kahaney (Season 4)
  10. Elizabeth Raynor (Season 2)

I am both excited by and ashamed of my interest in the return of The Next Food Network Star, the new season of which premieres this coming Sunday, June 7. I'm rooting for Teddy Folkman, who lives here in the DC area. And perhaps even more importantly, I'm rooting against Michael Proietti, simply because I think he looks like a hipster douchebag. I know, I know, don't judge a book by its cover and all that, but man, if I can't be nonsensically judgemental about a reality show contestant, what's the point of watching them in the first place?


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