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Ten random things: June 11

Ten members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon:

  1. William Faulkner (University of Mississippi)
  2. Terry Gilliam (Occidental College)
  3. Rudy Vallee (University of Maine and Yale University)
  4. George Gallup (University of Iowa)
  5. Henry Paulson (Dartmouth College)
  6. William McKinley (Mount Union College)
  7. Robert Goddard (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  8. Phil Jackson (University of North Dakota)
  9. Eliot Ness (University of Chicago)
  10. James von Brunn ("a mid-Western university")

The first nine names on this list came from the Wikipedia article about Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and I did a bit of independent research to confirm that they were actually members. The last name on the list came from a biographical sketch found on von Brunn's own website (and quoted in this War Room blog posting at, which is where I read it) and from his Wikipedia user profile. Unfortunately (or not, from the perspective of the university in question), von Brunn failed to say what mid-Western university he attended (though it probably wasn't in Iowa). I don't think Sig Ep will be listing him alongside Faulkner, McKinley, Jackson, and Ness in their list of prominent alumni any time in the near future.


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