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In response to petzipellepingo's post about the fifty greatest film trailers of all time (which is friends-locked, so here's a link to the original article, I say thee nay! This is the greatest trailer of all time:

I was lucky enough to see this trailer in a theater. My mom and I had taken the train downtown to see the 1984 re-release of The Trouble With Harry at the late, lamented Fine Arts Theater, and the above trailer was one of the previews shown. Both my mom and I thought it was hysterical, and as soon as the movie arrived in Chicago we were back at the Fine Arts to see it. That's one of the many things I miss about my mom (who, incidentally, passed away 11 years ago yesterday): our senses of humor so similar. (I was never able to convince her on the merits of The Simpsons though.)

I consider this a great trailer as well, even though it isn't one:

O Brother, Where Art There did pretty well at the box office, but I've always wondered if it might have done even if they'd scrapped the official trailer in favor of this video. I, for one, didn't have much interest in the film until I happened across the video one afternoon on MTV2, and you can't deny that the soundtrack was more popular than the film itself.

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