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Ten random things: July 31

Ten birthdays of Harry Potter characters:

  1. July 30 - Neville Longbottom
  2. December 6 - Rubeus Hagrid
  3. June 5 - Draco Malfoy
  4. May 15 - Pomona Sprout
  5. October 17 - Filius Flitwick
  6. March 10 - Remus Lupin
  7. September 19 - Hermione Granger
  8. February 6 - Arthur Weasley
  9. August 22 - Percy Weasley
  10. January 9 - Severus Snape

Today, as we all know, is Harry Potter's 29th birthday. Not coincidentally, it is also J. K. Rowling's birthday, though I understand she is slightly older than 29.

And look, my Harry Potter 10 things icon just happened to come up in the rotation today! Serendipitous.


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