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Ten random things: August 5

Ten websites I visit pretty much everyday:

  1. Mother Jones: Kevin Drum
  2. Chris's Invincible Super-Blog
  3. Roasted Peanuts
  4. Someplace That's Else: The Meet Market
  5. Safety Graphic Fun
  6. NEWS from me
  7. Questionable Content
  8. Food Network Addict
  9. TNR: The Plank
  10. My LiveJournal Friends page

I experienced an unusual intersection of the first and last sites on this list yesterday. Kevin Drum posted a picture of some of his home-grown tomatoes and asked his readers why they were "covered with a gray, pulpy mass and basically ruined." The answer was something I'd never heard of before: blossom end rot, caused by a calcium deficiency. As I read through the comments, I found one by boliver, which was unexpected but not really surprising, since I knew she too is a regular reader of that blog. What was surprising was that later that evening, as I was reading my friends page, I came across a post by amyjtoo linking to an article with tips on how to control ... blossom end rot. That I happened to two references to the same heretofore unheard-of-by-me disease in two different places within three hours of each other definitely counts as unusual in my book.


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