John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Karaoke Con update the fifth

My apologies to anyone who came here looking for the promised live updates from Karaoke Con. I was planning to post throughout the night via my Blackberry, but wouldn't you know it, the battery on the damn thing gave out. Curses!

So here's a late update: we had a great time, and we stomped the New Yorkers into the ground like puny ants. (TWoPers in New York were holding a con simultaneously, and there was a wager as to which group could raise the most money.) Through their silent auction, the New Yorkers raised $1000. The DC contingent, using our patented "dare-oke" system (through which one could buy "dare tickets" to force someone else to sing, or to turn away a dare), raised $1,348.32 (plus another $25 after the bet was over). Ye gods!

During the four hours we were there, 28 TWoPers performed 32 different songs. How do I know that? Because I kept a list of all the songs and singers. Everything is more fun when it involves a list.

amandajane - "Superman"
jheaton - "Beyond the Sea"
Medusa, acceber, russiagirl, and WedsAddams - "Take This Job and Shove It"
tigershark - "My Heart Will Go On"
WedsAddams - "Genie In a Bottle"
lawtalkin' guy, cinaea, suga wuga, and selannia - "YMCA"
Lunette and Miss Tuliplee - "Dancing Queen"
elle renee - "Yoda"
Klea, edias res, suga wuga, and cinaea - "Passionate Kisses"
Spuffy - "Coal Miner's Daughter"
Dave - "My Way"
Russiagirl - "The Gambler"
Cinaea and M. Darcy - "Crazy"
David R - "By the Time I Get To Phoenix"
WedsAddams and StuckeyGilmore - "I Won't Back Down"
Miss Tuliplee, StuckeyGilmore, WedsAddams, and GinevradiBenci - "La Bamba"
GinevradiBenci, StuckeyGilmore, WedsAddams, and altochoirgirl - "I Touch Myself"
elle renee - "I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow"
Agent Sculder, StuckeyGilmore, and WedsAddams - "As Long As We Got Each Other"
Acceber, jstilwe, and selannia - "Faith"
lawtalkin' guy - "Sweet Dreams"
Acceber, jstilwe, and TasheerDC - "Flashdance"
JHeaton - "City of New Orleans"
elle renee, Klea et al - "Cowboy"
Cinaea, altochoirgirl, tigershark, StuckeyGilmore, and WedsAddams - "Material Girl"
amandajane, StuckeyGilmore, WedsAddams, tigershark, elle renee, acceber - "Like a Virgin"
dalek - "Short People"
Tigershark - "Like A Prayer"
Songbird - "Sweet Caroline"
edias res and amandajane - "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
elle renee and amandajane - "Lady Marmalade"
hcwoodward, Selannia, jheaton, lawtalkin' guy, amandajane and agent sculder - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

The regulars at the bar seemed a little stunned by the size of our group, but quickly grew to love us when they saw how enthusiastic we were. And the staff at Freddie's was great, especially Jeromy, who asked to be part of our group and thus ended up with a TWoP name tag and performers pass. Plus a sizable tip.

It was a great party. Thanks to everyone who participated, but especially: lawtalkin' guy, the money man; persona, who collected money and proxy dares in advance; selannia, who made the name tags and performer passes; suga wuga, who scoped out the site in advance and arranged for our reserved tables; macaddict, who made the great charts and brought the dare tickets; and tigershark, who suggested doing a karaoke con in the first place.

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