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Ten random things: August 19

Ten items of clothing recently added to my wardrobe:

  1. Black casual pants
  2. Blue rectangle-patterned necktie
  3. Hiking boots
  4. Pale green striped sport shirt
  5. Tan dress pants
  6. Yellow polo shirt
  7. Purple striped Oxford-style shirt
  8. Orange striped polo shirt
  9. Brown belt
  10. Black casual shoes

My dad was visiting these last few days, and while he was in town we did a bit of clothes shopping. I was surprised and pleased to find I'd dropped one full size since the last time I bought new clothes, going from a 3X to 2X. It actually appeared even more dramatic, since the last time I bought clothes I just got the same size I had been getting instead of what would have, you know, fit properly. So know I have pants that I can wear with keeping one hand in my pocket at all times (the better to keep them from falling down). Whee!


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