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25 August 2009 @ 02:12 pm
Ten random things: August 25  

Ten steps necessary to obtain an official transcript from the George Washington University:

  1. Go to the GWU Office of the Registrar's transcripts page
  2. Follow the link to myGW, the George Washington University Web Portal
  3. Realize you need a GWid number to log in
  4. Attempt to retrieve your GWid; realize that none of the three options available to do so online will work for you
  5. Return to the transcripts page for instructions on requesting a transcript by fax
  6. Discover you need a GWid for that too
  7. Call Information Systems and Services Help Desk to get your GWid
  8. Log into GWeb, find the Student Records page, and click on the link for Transcripts
  9. Receive the following message:
    GWU infobox
  10. Print transcript request and payment authorization forms and fax them in

The great thing about the Internet is how it makes everything so much easier.

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