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Ten random things: August 28

Ten writers whose work is featured in Panic! The Story of Modern Financial Insanity:

  1. Michael Lewis
  2. Terri Thompson
  3. Choe Sang-Hun
  4. Katharine Mieszkowski
  5. Dave Barry
  6. Christopher Dodd
  7. Gregory Zuckerman
  8. Stephen Koepp
  9. Stephen Labaton
  10. David Holley

Last week I was at the library when I spied on the new release shelf a new book by my favorite non-fiction writer, Michael Lewis. I grabbed it off the shelf without looking at it too closely, which is why I didn't realize notice until later that day the words "edited by" above Lewis's name, in tiny typeface. W.W. Norton and Company punk'd me! Luckily, Lewis is as fond of his writing as I am; seven of the articles collected in the book were written by him. As for the rest, it's a mixed bag. Few people are able to make financial writing as interesting and comprehensible as Lewis, but overall it's not bad.


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