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Ten random things: September 16

Ten Patrick Swayze films:

  1. One Last Dance
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Next of Kin
  4. Father Hood
  5. Icon
  6. George and the Dragon
  7. Donnie Darko
  8. Letters from a Killer
  9. Three Wishes
  10. The Outsiders

Patrick Swayze died Monday after a surprisingly prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. The median survival from diagnosis is around three to six months; Swayze survived eighteen. I was no great fan of Swayze as an actor -- I count at least two of his films among my least favorites -- but by all accounts he was a nice guy who loved his wife and didn't take himself too seriously, and who never used his fame as an excuse to hold himself above others, and it's always a pity to lose someone like that.


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