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Ten random things: September 18

Ten more steps that, if performed in conjunction with the steps previously described in this journal, may eventually result in getting an official transcript from the George Washington University:

  1. Fax transcript request and payment authorization forms to the Office of the Registrar
  2. Receive call from Office of the Registrar and learn you forgot to sign the transcript request form
  3. Sign form and re-send it
  4. Call Office of the Registrar to see if it arrived
  5. Find out it didn't because the fax machine stopped working
  6. Drop off forms at the GWU Virginia Campus administration building
  7. Receive another call from Office of the Registrar, this one telling you that they can't find your transcript
  8. Acting on the suggestion of the Office of the Registrar, take photograph of certificate issued by GWU
  9. Send photo to the Office of the Registrar via e-mail, along with the following message: "It may also help to know that I submitted another transcript request on August 25. Since I was not contacted on that occasion, I assume it was found at that time."
  10. Receive response: "We do have your previous transcript request as well, but are still working with the College of Professional Studies to hopefully locate the records."

An interesting coincidence: I used to work in the building that now houses the administrative offices of the GWU Virginia Campus. Back in the day, it used to be the world headquarters of PSINet. Prior to my brief visit yesterday to drop off my transcript request forms, the last time I'd been there was for my exit interview after being laid off. Apparently no good can come from my visiting that address.


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