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With two Ps

So I was thinking about the old song "The Captain of Her Heart" earlier tonight, and decided I wanted to listen to it. I went looking for a copy, searching for it on the phrase "blue captain of heart." My search was successful, but it also revealed that I had misremembered the name of the band that recorded it: it was Double, not Blue. At that point I remembered that Blue was the name of the album on which it appeared. I'm appalled! But I'm torn as to what appalls me: that I failed to remember the name of the band, that I did remember the name of the album, or that I was thinking of the song in the first place.

In happier news, I did remember that "I Don't Mind At All" was recorded by Bourgeois Tagg, and moreover I spelled "bourgeois" right on the the first attempt. I attribute that to my having made the same joke every May 1 for the last seven years.

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