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Ten random things: November 2

Ten things I did on my recent trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:

  1. Let Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank extract a pint of my blood
  2. Interviewed for a job at Gettysburg College
  3. Browsed the used book selection at an antique store
  4. Read the first two pages of the story my niece Libby is writing for National Novel Writing Month
  5. Had dinner at Perkins with my dad and stepmother
  6. Watched my nephew Ikey steal a clip-on microphone from a priest and try to eat it
  7. Admired the trophy won on Saturday by my niece Hannah at her first high school forensics tournament
  8. Got a haircut
  9. Watched an episode of Dora the Explorer with my niece Molly
  10. Visited the Gettysburg branch of the Adams County Public Library

My trips out of town are not necessarily very long, but they are action-packed. The original point of the trip was to witness Ikey's baptism, but on Thursday I got a call from someone at Gettysburg College -- they wanted me to come up to interview for a job I'd applied for a couple of weeks ago. Serendipitous! It did require a bit of extra driving; the original plan was for me to give my nephew David a ride up to Gettysburg and back. And in fact, I did just that... and then I turned around and drove back to Gettysburg to spend the night. Wacky, huh? My dad came with me to drop off David, so at least I had company.

About no. 6: Ikey is at the age where he likes to grab things and put them in his mouth. so when he found himself in the arms of the priest and saw a big round microphone just sitting there right in front of him, he made his move. With regard to no. 4, it should perhaps be noted that Libby is eight years old, so if you're weren't planning to take part in NaNoWriMo this year, please commence being ashamed of yourself. (In fairness, though, her plan is to write a 3,000 word story, not a whole novel. Still, how many 3,000 word stories did you write when you were eight?)


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