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Ten random things: November 5

Ten Gunpowder Plot conspirators:

  1. Robert Wintour
  2. Edward Oldcorne
  3. Ambrose Rokewood
  4. John Grant
  5. Ralph Ashley
  6. Everard Digby
  7. Thomas Bates
  8. Humphrey Littleton
  9. Henry Garnet
  10. Guy Fawkes

Today, as you know, is Guy Fawkes Day, the day on which people all of Great Britain and the Commonwealth celebrate the failure of a plot by Roman Catholic restorationists to assassinate King James I and most of the aristocracy by blowing up Parliament, with the goal of installing James's daughter Elizabeth as a Catholic monarch. Nine of the ten men listed above were executed for their part in the conspiracy; Fawkes avoid execution by killing himself by leaping from the gallows as he was about to be hanged.


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