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Ten random things: November 18

Ten real people who appear as characters in Sunnyside by Glen David Gold:

  1. Adolph Zukor, mogul
  2. Mildred Harris, actress
  3. ZaSu Pitts, actress
  4. Mary Pickford, actress
  5. Lee Duncan, animal trainer
  6. Charlie Chaplin, actor
  7. Frances Marion, screenwriter
  8. Edmund Ironside, general
  9. Edna Purviance, actress
  10. William G. McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury

I finished Sunnyside this afternoon, and while I enjoyed it -- especially the references to the Anti-Life Equation (a key element of Jack Kirby's Fourth World) and the Duchy of Grand Fenwick (from the novel and movie The Mouse That Roared), and a minor character named after comics blogger Chris Sims -- I don't think it was as good as his previous novel, Carter Beats the Devil. (Though possibly it's just that I have a taste for the formalized, quasi-nonfiction style he used for Carter.)


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