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Ten random things: November 26

Ten things I did on Thanksgiving this year:

  1. Gave nephew Ikey a zerbert on his tummy
  2. Sang "A Kiss To Build a Dream On" to niece Libby
  3. Saw Old Dogs with nephew David
  4. Talked to niece Hannah about her plan to visit her friend Dan this weekend
  5. Helped niece Molly decorate a cookie
  6. Pretended to be a difficult guest while Libby pretended to be a concierge
  7. Talked to my dad in the hospital
  8. Listened to "Alice's Restaurant"
  9. Figured out what was wrong with the FiOS receiver in David's basement
  10. Ate a fancy brunch at the Willard Hotel's Grand Thanksgiving Buffet

I'm thankful for having had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with part of my family! For a variety of reasons, we decided to eat our Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant this year, so mealier today I picked up David at his house and together we drove into DC to have brunch at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel spectacular buffet. Afterward, David and I went to a movie; we chose Old Dogs because I didn't have any strenuous objection to it and because we got to the theater just as it was about to start. Left to his own devices, David would have chosen to see Ninja Assassin, but that one failed on both counts -- the next scheduled showing was 50 minutes later, and I had less than no interest in seeing it.

Obviously, the least fun part of the day -- especially from his perspective -- was that my dad spent it in the hospital. A couple weeks ago he took a tumble down some steps, breaking four ribs and his wrist in five places. He also picked up a mild case of pneumonia along the way. Then early Wednesday morning he fell again -- luckily, my brother was visiting and heard him fall. otherwise he might have been there on the bathroom floor all night -- and when they took him to the ER to see if he'd aggravated any of his injuries, they discovered his pneumonia had worsened, and they found a bit of blood in the fluid they removed from his lungs, so they admitted him. He's having a bit of surgery tomorrow to investigate the blood in the fluid issue. As pulmonary surgeries go, it's a relatively minor one, but at his age (77) no surgery is that minor. Luckily, my sister Jenni lives reasonably close, so she spent the day with him at the hospital; she reports that he is in good spirits. And when I spoke to him, he sounded good -- no shortness of breath, cracking jokes, and so on. Good thing he was so healthy before all this happened, otherwise I'm sure it'd be a lot worse for him.


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