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Two hours for nothing

I have church choir rehearsal on Wednesday nights. Typically, we'll start by going over our anthem and service music for the coming Sunday, then move on to work on pieces for the coming week, and wrap up by going into the sanctuary to go through the Sunday material one more time.

I'm going out of town this weekend, so I figured I'd get to relax for a bit while the rest of the choir worked on the Palm Sunday music, run through the Easter music, and then leave early. But no. One of the other tenors had brought a tape recorder so he could record me singing the Palm Sunday anthem (which is "Lift Up Ye Heads, O Ye Gates" from Handel's Messiah). He's a magnificent pianist and a pretty good singer, but he doesn't read music well. He plays and sings everything by ear. (Which is an amazing talent that I wish I had, but never mind that.) He wanted me on tape singing the Handel so he could listen to it during the week and learn it, so I was obligated to sing instead of, say, screwing around on the office computer.

We ended up spending the entire rehearsal on the Palm Sunday music. Music which I will not even be singing. We didn't get to the Easter anthem ("Hallelujah," also from Messiah) until close to 9:30 PM. And then I needed to stay past that point to rehearse the duet I'm doing with one of the sopranos at the so-called sunrise service Easter morning. (I say "so-called" because the service starts, as it does every year, at 7 AM, well after sunrise. I like to call it the sun having risen service.) It's a piece we've sung before, so we didn't need to spend very much time on it, but still.

As a result, I didn't get to eat dinner until after 10 PM, and I didn't get to go to the gym at all. Sigh. That did not help in my effort to reach my next target weight by Friday. If anything, it hurt that effort. Maybe I should just reschedule that goal to my birthday.

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