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Advent 2009: Singing Christmas Carols

Today's post is dedicated to certainthings and essene in thanks for the virtual gifts! This poem was suggested to me by my friend Jean, a youth services librarian who runs several very successful poetry programs at her library. I had already chosen a poem by Jack Prelutsky when she sent me her recommendations, but this one is better than the one I had originally picked. That's why it never hurts to consult with a professional when working on a project like this.

Singing Christmas Carols

On Christmas Eve we bundle up
and go out caroling,
our neighbors shut their windows
when they hear my family sing.

My voice is very beautiful,
I sing just like a bird,
but everybody drowns me out
so I am barely heard.

Dad sings like a buffalo
and Mother like a moose,
my sister sounds like breaking glass,
my brother like a goose.

Some people come and greet us,
they bring cookies on a tray,
I think they give us cookies
just to make us go away.

Though our singing sounds so sour
it sends shivers down my spine,
when we’re caroling together
there’s no family sweet as mine.

Jack Prelutsky (born 1940)

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