John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Thoughts on Glee

essene wrote in her journal, about Glee:

I'm wondering if now? (Now that Finn knows Quinn's baby isn't his, and Rachel's not such an unlovable drama-queen, and Kurt is more than the token gay, and Schuster broke up with is airbag wife and kissed Emma, and allthough the character of Sue is kinda repulsive she does have a few soft spots) If I can just stop watching. Because I'm kinda good with everything as is right now. I don't need more.

I'm right there with essene on being satisfied with the status quo as of the most recent episode and being a little worried about what's to come. Party of Five was like that for me; there was this one episode in season four, "Immediate Family," where ... well, here, watch it yourself:

I'd been a faithful viewer of Party of Five from the beginning, and this was pretty much exactly what I'd been waiting for: Bailey was off the sauce, Charlie was in a healthy relationship, Griffin had been accepted into the family, the restaurant was open, and everybody was happy (except maybe for Claudia, but come on, by POF standards, an unrequited crush was a comedic subplot.) For me, it was the show's best moment, and if it had been the last episode, I would remember it as an exquisite series finale, and the show as one of my all-time favorites.

But then the next episode aired, and the show took an immediate nose dive into the toilet. So yeah, I'm a little concerned about what I'll be seeing on Glee come April. The situation is somewhat different, in that even though I'm satisfied with where things stand right now, it doesn't feel finished in the same way POF did at the end of "Immediate Family." There really was nowhere for the Salingers to go from there but back down, and I so didn't want to see that. But with Glee, the whole Finn/Quinn/Puck/Rachael quadrangle remains unresolved, and the Regionals are still ahead of them, and Sue is still a threat, and I remain interested in all those storylines. So I guess what I'm really worried about is that they're going to undo the Will/Emma relationship, which is not something I want to see happen. Unfortunately, I've watched enough TV in my life to know there's nothing show runners like less than a happy relationship, so I think there's some cause for concern. My fingers are crossed.


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