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The aforementioned subsequent post

I've been looking for a job since May, so far without success, so last month I signed on with a snow removal crew to bring in some cash now and then. The jobs can come at any time with little notice, and last for an indeterminate amount of time, and you come home covered in salt, but the money is very good.

As you may have heard, the DC area and many other parts of the eastern seaboard got smacked hard by a snowstorm this past weekend. President Obama is right that the DC area tends to be on the wimpy side when it comes to winter weather, but even by my standards as a former Chicagoan I will admit this was a major storm. Out in my neck of the woods, we got 18 inches in 24 hours. We got the call at 9:00 PM on Friday: be at the job site at midnight. So, I was on site at midnight, and did not leave, except to gas up the truck and have dinner, until about 2:30 AM Monday. I was back at the job site at 6 AM for another 13 hours, went home for seven hours, then came back one more time at 3 AM this morning for a quick four hours of spreading salt. So that's, let's see, 68 hours on the job over the course of 80 hours. Phew! It's not quite as bad as it sounds, though; the crew I'm on has two trucks and three drivers, so there were opportunities to sit and nap in the passenger seat. It's not exactly restful sleep, but it's better than nothing. That doesn't mean I wasn't extremely tired and sore by the time Monday evening rolled around.

There were, of course, a few downsides to being away from home for so long. My Sunday poetry post, for example, didn't post on time, and I wasn't able to copy the posts over to my Facebook page or update the Holidailies portal. I had to miss my roommate's birthday party Saturday night. And I had to miss the solstice service at the UU church last night, which was particularly aggravating because it easily could have been prevented. The third man on the crew had gone home late Sunday night, because he had a job interview on Monday. The boss assumed he would then come back the job site, at which point I could leave. But he never did come back, and the boss didn't call him to tell him to come back, so I was unable to leave. Bah!

However, as I said above, the money is very good. Like, two Gs good. So I think I can live with it.

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