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Advent 2009: On a Pallet of Straw

With this poem, Langston Hughes moves into a tie with Christina Rossetti as the poet who's been featured most often in my journal. Alas, Mr. Hughes is not around to enjoy the honor, though I'm sure he'd be very pleased. Incidentally, my thanks go out to my friend Jean for suggesting this poem to me.

On a Pallet of Straw

They did not travel in an airplane,
They did not travel by car,
The did not travel on a streamline train.
They traveled on foot from afar,
They traveled on foot from afar.

The did not seek for a fine hotel,
They did not seek an inn,
The did not seek a bright motel.
They sought a cattle bin,
they sought a cattle bin.

Who were these travelers on the road?
And where were they going? And why?
They were Three Wise Men who came from the East,
And the followed a star in the sky,
A star in the sky.

What did they find when the got to the barn?
What did they find near the stall?
What did they find on a pallet of straw?
They found the Lord of all!
They found the Lord of all!

Langston Hughes (1902–1967)

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